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Clubhouse Plan 1



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  • 25 KB Storage
  • 125 MB Bandwidth Options
  • 1.4 Hosted Domains
  • 24/7 Support on and
  • Study Hall Access
  • 9:00 PM Bed Time
  • 3*2 Hall Passes

Super Power Mega



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  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Options
  • 200/2 Hosted Domains
  • 24/7 Support on and
  • Study Hall Access
  • 10:00 PM Bed Time
  • No Homework on Weekends
  • Partial Cloud Storage
  • Un-ever-ending Spoofed ARP Tables
  • 45 Hall Passes

Why Kiddie Networks?

Kiddie Networks was founded on April First of 2018 and we already host over 50,000 websites including most of Amazon, Google, Facebook at the US Government. Our parents are so proud of us. Here are several of the reasons that you should choose Kiddie Networks for all of your hosting needs.

Fastest Servers

We use legacy servers obtained from the school dumpster. These servers are so fast that our school could not handle them. They were all marked E.O.L. which stands for Extreme Online Legacy

Hotswapable Disks

All of our servers have 2 hotswappable Floppy Disk Drives which allow us to read and write data from 2 sources at the same time. Most web hosting companies dont even have one floppy disk drive on their servers.

Universal Access

Thanks to our insustry leading server configuration, you can access your website with or without the "www". It has been proven to help your site look more grownup to have the www. in front of it

The Cheapest Service

We at Kiddie Networks offer the best plans at the best prices - often costing less than 2 days of lunch money to get started. We advise customers to bring lunch from home and pocket the money from your parents to pay us

Money Kept Safe

We keep all of the funds that are sent to us in a special safe that is kept under my big brothers bed to ensure that Benjamin on the playground does not try to take the money from us.

Bully Protection

Everyday, tens of dozens of websites are hacked by online Bullies. Kiddie Networks has worked with several hall monitors and playground supervisors to ensure insdustry leading Bully protection.

Expert Support Team

Kiddie Networks has outsourced our support to 2 helpdesks that are staffed 24/7 by skilled technicians who will do our jobs for free. Visit or for all customer support.

Customer-Parent Conferences

As you all know, Kiddie Networks is one of the largest web hosting sites on earth but if you are ever unhappy with our services, you can always request a Customer-Parent Conference to talk about us with our parents.


We have been the talk of the playground since launching in April of 2018. We have had the pleasure of hosting several high profile sites including the US Government, Amazonz, Google and over a million other sites.

If you need support, You can reach out to a skilled technician on or who will help you with all of your needs - free of charge. If you need more personalized support, please meet with the Steve from 3rd grade at recess - he normally plays under the jungle gym.

Frequenty ask questions

From personal websites to government sites we've got you covered!

How do I transfer a domain?

You can transfer your domain to Kiddie Networks in your client area by following the steps in our Domain Transfer Wizard. You must be able to provide the domain dress code to complete the transfer. Domains that are grounded or in detention may not be transfered.

If you do not want Kiddie Networks to manage your domain, that is not a problem. You can simply point your domain to our namecalling servers from your prefered domain manager.

How does Kiddie Networks Protect my site from Bullies?

Internet bullies are the biggest threat to the internet and our customer's websites are always under attack. Bullies can cause excessive downtime and evem rob our client's of their hard earned luunch money if you let them.

Kiddie Networks protects our customers by utilizing industry leading counter bully tacticts such as hiring bigger bullies and sending notes to parents.

Furthermore we employ proactive approaches to prevent bullies such as sneaking laxitives into their food so they dont come to school to terrorize our customers.

What is your uptime?

Kiddie Networks understands that most of our customers wish to have their websites online as much as possible so our hall monitors do their best to keep the hampsters that power our servers well fed.

On a typical month, you can expect our servers to be online for as much as 8 hours a day and sometimes longer.

In the event of an outage, we will have one of our engineers ditch at recess and go kick the server to hopefully bring it back online.

Will Kiddie Networks Transfer my Website?

Kiddie Networks offers assistance in trasnfering your website from your previous hosting company with as little as 8 hours of downtime.

Please reach our to one of our talented helpdesk technicans at or to open a support a new thread support request.

It is often faster to cancel the hosting with your previous company before requesting a transfer as the downtime seems to make the technicans on respond a bit faster if you mention that your site is down.

Need help? We're always here for you.

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