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Some say that there are way too many Kiddie or Summer Hosts on the internet - we proudly disagree!

Who we are and what we do:

Kiddie Networks is the galaxies largest provider of Kiddie and Summer Hosting Services. We run our business by providing quality, industry leading dowtime and headaches. Learn more about our rich history on the timeline below.

How grown up are?

April 01, 2018 12:01:01am (est)

April 01, 2018 1:15:32am (est)

September 23,2021 03:48:17am (est)

Kiddie Networks Launches to Shake up The Industry

Kiddie Networks officially launched to the public on April First of 2018 and has promised to shake up the industry of other Kiddie and Summer Hosts. Since opening, we are on track to see one of the of the most agressive growth trajectories on record with over a million orders processed in the first few minutes of us going live. We have even ben approached by several fortune 500 companies and several govenrments to see of our hosting services will meet their needs.

New Miami Offices

Due to our rapid expansion, Kiddie Networks is proud to announce that we will be moving into our new Miami offices this morning. Our office buildout has room for over 5,000 employees, a cafiteria, a playground, general multi-purpose room, gym and even a dedicated nap area. Here is a photo of the building, expect more in the next few hours.

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Sometimes the smallest successes are worth celebrating. On September 23,2021 03:48:17am (est) you visited our website. You... Yes You! You should give yourself a pat on the back. We do ask that you reshare this website on social networking sites to help spread the joke. Thank you for your support.

A great Leadership Team help us to stand up to other Summer Hosts

Keith I Myers

CEO & Founder

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I started out by mowing lawns over the summer but I eventually discovered that I can make much more money by opening up my own Web Hosting Company. Thanks to Kiddie Network's resepller plan, I am already one of the largest hosts in Middle Earth.

Anonymous Customer
10 dec 2017

Todays lunch menu will be French Bread Pizza with sliced pears and a side salad.

The Lunchlady
12 dec 2017

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